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The Living Textiles Ecosystem

The Living Textiles Ecosystem maps the interrelationships between materials and technologies within the new interdisciplinary field of Living Textiles in the North of England. The purpose of the ecosystem is to explore how to repurpose waste from agriculture and industry into the material flow to produce biohybrid living textiles for the built environment.
   Author: Jane Scott

Design Researchers in Residence 2021/22 RESTORE

This publication features the work of the 2021/22 Design Researchers in Residence. It accompanies an exhibition staged at the Design Museum from June to September 2022. Throughout their residency at the Design Museum, this year's cohort have been applying a restorative lens to their respective fields and projects. In the fields of design, restoration typically describes the act of fixing or mending an object: a salvaged piece of furniture, a cracked screen, a rusty bicycle. Design Researchers in Residence is Future Observatory’s programme for emerging design researchers hosted at the Design Museum.
   Authors: Thomas Aquilina, Delfina Fantini Van Ditmar, Samuel Iliffe, Sanne Visser, George Kafka & Lila Boschet