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Development of a Sustainability Reporting Framework for Co-Located, Cross-Sector Organisations

This research aims to develop and test a sustainability reporting framework to help organizations of varying sizes, maturities, and sectors progress towards sustainability goals. The framework will be developed within the context of the South Ken ZEN+ initiative and will be tested through phased interviews and workshops with ERCG members. The framework aims to support context-specific learning, aggregate performance, accommodate data at different levels of quality, and increase efficiency by reducing resource duplication and reporting time.
   Author: South Ken ZEN+

Retrofitting for Cultural Infrastructure

This report helps articulate the three values of retrofit - environmental, cultural and social - operating within the parameters of economic considerations, which should be considered for the future-proofing of our cultural infrastructure. It aims to bring greater clarity to the retrofit process for cultural organisations as well as recommendations for policy-makers and researchers.
   Author: DSDHA

Strategies for Reducing the Carbon Impact of Temporary and Touring Exhibitions in the Museums and Galleries sector

This report investigates current and future strategies for minimising the carbon impact of the design and build of temporary and touring exhibitions in the UK museums and galleries sector.
   Author: URGE Collective