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Islands: Material Mapping

Islands: Material Mapping attempts to make visible some of the journeys of the materials used in Design Researchers in Residence: Islands
Author: Liesl Maria Bragança

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Exhibitions

Have you ever walked around an exhibition and wondered what happens to everything when the show is over? To the exhibits, the beautifully-built walls, plinths and cases? Where does all this stuff go?
Author: URGE Collective

Four projects to design the UK’s green future

Following a call for proposals, four innovative Green Transition Ecosystems are funded across the country to tackle the climate crisis and address the challenges posed by the green transition. The

How can the culture sector drive the green transition?

Today, we are publishing three cultural policy reports across architecture, cultural institutions and exhibition impact which suggest how the UK cultural sector might adapt to meet national net zero
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Free display: How to Build a Low-Carbon Home

How can we design our homes to respond to the climate emergency? Discover how architects are reimagining wood, stone and straw to design homes fit for the future in this free display. With almost 30%
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Growing a Home, with Material Cultures

In this episode, Justin talks to architecture practice Material Cultures whose bioregional approach to construction can not only cut carbon emissions, but also improve biodiversity where homes are
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Redefining the problems, reframing the questions

The following conversation sees Future Observatory’s curatorial director, Cher Potter, in discussion with the 2022/23 cohort of Design Researchers in Residence on the topic of design research.
Cher Potter

The Museum as a Catalyst

Museums are changing. They can be catalysts, proactively supporting a just and sustainable future.
Author: Justin McGuirk

Waste Age: What can design do?

We are living in the age of waste. Is design the answer to leaving our throwaway culture behind? We all know waste is a big problem. So how are we going to fix it? In this 2021 exhibition, the Design

Climate Clock installed at the Design Museum

How long do we have to act on the climate emergency? The climate clock is both a graphic display and a global movement calling for action on the climate emergency. It is designed to communicate what
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