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Islands: Material Mapping

Author: Liesl Maria Bragança

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Exhibitions

Have you ever walked around an exhibition and wondered what happens to everything when the show is over? To the exhibits, the beautifully-built walls, plinths and cases? Where does all this stuff go?
Author: URGE Collective

‘You can fit the tools you need to make a stone beam in a suitcase’

Over 30% of global carbon emissions are produced by construction. To meet national and international climate targets, the UK therefore needs to radically rethink the materials with which it builds.
Leilah Hirson-Comley

Restore: Material Mapping

Restore: Material Mapping attempts to make visible some of the journeys of the materials used in Design Researchers in Residence: Restore.
Author: Leyla Salih

The Museum as a Catalyst

Museums are changing. They can be catalysts, proactively supporting a just and sustainable future.
Author: Justin McGuirk

Questions of Scale: Reflecting on our first symposium

“The first question any design researcher with an innovative idea encounters is, how do you scale that up?”