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Accelerating Commercialisation of Bio-enhanced Surface Protection of Heritage Buildings through Industry and Community Engagement (BioBuild)

Prof. Ljubomir Jankovic, University of Hertfordshire

Researchers from the University of Hertfordshire, in collaboration with UK Hempcrete Ltd and Whyte and Mackay Ltd, have developed a novel bio-enhanced surface coating formulation and application process. This innovative solution aims to safeguard lime, hempcrete, and other cementitious structural surfaces from the damaging effects of climate erosion.

The project has successfully laid the groundwork for transitioning this application into the next stage of product design and development, paving the way for a commercially viable offering for the open market.

The forthcoming commercial product's design and development will be guided by extensive outreach activities. These activities will foster and facilitate discussions among businesses, trade professionals, and retail end-users. Informed by manufacturing and marketing parameters, the underlying technical design will be streamlined to ensure efficient scaled-up production and user-friendly application.

The gathered feedback will inform key aspects of the product, including its specifications, manufacturing process, delivery system, usage instructions, storage packaging, and pricing strategy.

This project offers a sustainable and effective solution to protect cementitious structures from the detrimental effects of climate change.

Ljubomir Jankovic

Jankovic is a Professor of Advanced Building Design, and the Director of Centre for Future Societies Research at the University of Hertfordshire. As Professor of Advanced Building Design at the School

Peter Booth

Peter is a Senior Research Assistant in the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire. Peter has a background in microbiology, biochemistry and design and is completing his doctorate