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Design Researchers in Residence 2023/24 SOLAR

This publication features the work of the 2023/24 Design Researchers in Residence. It accompanies an exhibition staged at the Design Museum from June to September 2024. This year's theme, Solar emerges out of an uneasy dualism in our relationship with the sun. For as long as there have been humans, the sun has been considered a life force, an energy source and a cultural figure. Throughout their residency at the Design Museum, this year's cohort locate the role of designers and researchers in continual dialogue with how we see ourselves in relation to the burning star at the centre of the solar system. Design Researchers in Residence is Future Observatory’s programme for emerging design researchers hosted at the Design Museum.
   Authors: April Barrett, Eliza Collin, Freya Spencer-Wood, George Kafka, Jamie Gatty Irving & Lila Boschet