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Virtual Production’s Role in Carbon Reduction and Net Zero Production in the Screen Industries

This policy report investigates the role of Virtual Production (VP) in reducing carbon emissions within the screen industries. It highlights the transformative nature of this nascent technology and its potential to revolutionise production workflows whilst at the same time significantly reducing carbon emissions in the production cycle of film, television, animation, games and other new emerging digital entertainment forms. It is a technology solution that will also support ambitions across the screen sector to push towards net zero content production.
   Author: Studio Ulster

Islands: Design Researchers in Residence 2022/2023

This publication features the work of the 2022/23 Design Researchers in Residence. It accompanies an exhibition staged at the Design Museum from June 2023 to September 2023.The four distinct projects by the Design Researchers in Residence form an archipelago of design thinking with currents of research and practice connecting different species, citizens, languages and terrains. Design Researchers in Residence is Future Observatory’s programme for emerging design researchers hosted at the Design Museum.
   Authors: George Kafka, Lila Boschet, Rhiarna Dhaliwal, Isabel Lea, James Peplow Powell & Marianna Janowicz