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Creating circular fashion ecosystems, Institute of Positive Fashion, British Fashion Council

Creating Circular Fashion Ecosystems is a collaborative research project between the British Fashion Council’s (BFC) Institute of Positive Fashion and Circle Economy.

It aims to identify circular economy strategies for the fashion sector in major UK cities in response to the UK’s net zero ambitions.

The initial phase, recently completed, is a mapping of existing industry at the city level, in London and Leeds; and ten action points for industry stakeholders.

Future Observatory is interested in the project’s extensive field research into multiple initiatives across major cities and the analysis of these in relation to Kate Raworth’s Donut Economics model for sustainable development.

The Institute of Positive Fashion will augment this research to consider not only alternative business models but also changes to the design process itself – a blueprint for individual studios to create, pattern-cut and toile while reducing emissions and waste.

Institute of Positive Fashion

The Institute of Positive Fashion is the engine for industry change and demonstrates the British Fashion Council's commitment to climate action. The Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF) activates