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Rosie Hornbuckle

Design Exchange Partnerships 2024

Rosie is Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Complex Design Collaborations at University of the Arts London.

Rosie is a researcher and educator focusing on interdisciplinary communication for alternative scenarios of future design practice. Rosie’s current work is concerned with the role of design and communication practices in enabling the development and adoption of alternative, sustainable, solutions, for example in the adoption of material technologies that are less resource-intensive or technologies which open up new possibilities in healthcare provision. These challenges are systemic, and therefore Rosie's research seeks to define and apply new methods for supporting the complex collaborations necessary for transition.

Rosie’s current research projects include HereWear, Future Fibres Network+  and an Innovate UK project with London-based SME: Topup Truck. Rosie  recently co-edited a collection of essays entitled ‘Design, Materials and Making for Social Change’ with Rebecca Earley for Routledge.

Rosie serves as the Principal Investigator and academic advisor for the HairCycle project as part of the Design Exchange Partnership Round 2.


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