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Design Exchange Partnerships 2024

Pollenize is a pioneering organisation committed to safeguarding pollinators using innovative technologies.

Founded by Owen and Matt in 2018, Pollenize was originally conceived to enhance urban beekeeping accessibility by establishing community apiaries in Plymouth, the company has since broadened its conservation objectives. It integrates data-driven methods with citizen science, making conservation efforts accessible to everyone.

By leveraging technology, including artificial intelligence, Pollenize aims to refine conservation strategies. The organisation's latest advancement, Floradex, exemplifies this approach. This biodiversity tracking tool utilises data from bioblitz activities—intensive surveys of local flora and fauna—to recommend optimal planting strategies. By analysing the gaps in local biodiversity, Floradex helps tailor conservation efforts to meet specific ecological needs, marking a significant step forward in Pollenize's mission to monitor and protect pollinators from further decline.

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