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Idan Gal-Shohet

Design Exchange Partnerships 2023

Idan is the co-founder and CEO of Fibe as well as a former researcher at Imperial College London.

Studying Design Engineering at Imperial College London’s Dyson School Of Design Engineering he focused on sustainable engineering and material science. Fibe was founded to provide the most scalable, affordable and sustainable textile fibre through leveraging agricultural feedstocks. The company, now comprising a team of 6, is working towards commercialising its technology and fibres by 2026.

Idan was the researcher on the project: Unlocking the Potential of Potato Fibres for Circular Economy on the Channel Islands one of the research projects of the Coastal Communities 2023 research cohorts of the Design Exchange Partnership. The research was led by Elena Dieckmann of the Dyson School of Design Engineering. The project's objective was to investigate the feasibility of producing fibres from potato harvest waste, with a focus on creating additional revenue streams for farmers by valorising their by-products.

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