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Freya Spencer-Wood

Design Researcher in Residence 2023-24

Freya Spencer-Wood is an interdisciplinary designer and researcher working at the intersection of set design, land politics and queer identity.


Freya regularly collaborates with artists and designers and is an Associate Lecturer at Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins. She has previously worked at the V&A design studio, We Made That, East and JA Projects on a wide range of exhibition, public realm, community engagement, urban strategy and policy-making projects. Freya graduated from TU Delft in 2019 with an MA in Architecture, where she was awarded the Best Graduate of Architecture 2019 for her thesis ‘Fragile State(s)’. 

Freya’s research at the Design Museum will explore Scotland’s lack of sun, wet climate and peatland restoration as an opportunity for impactful climate action and equitable land reform. The project recognises the inherent link between spatial and climate justice and will investigate bogs as queer spaces: in-between landscapes that are often misunderstood. Her work will urge for greater intersectionality in landscape policy, to expand engagement with the socio-spatial and political crisis of the climate emergency. 


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