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The duo Fabio Aranzulla and luca cinquemani works in a multidisciplinary manner, intersecting agricultural, artistic, and activist practices.

They directly engage in cultivation, which simultaneously serves as the starting point for artistic projects. Their research focuses on forms of sustainable and alternative food sources, questioning the possibility of a decolonial, anti-patriarchal, and anthropocentrically aware agriculture and food culture. For them, agricultural and food practices have significant consequences on forms of life (human and non-human), and as such, they are political practices that increasingly need to engage and intersect with activism and artistic practices, creating awareness and triggering moments of reflection and discussion.among the themes addressed in their artistic projects is the colonial past – and the difficult heritage in general – related to food plants, as well as the present neo-colonial and capitalist aspects of today’s agriculture, which manifest through the exploitation of workers and ecosystems. Another area of their research concerns the use of spontaneous species as a form of non-cultivated and sustainable food, as well as the ever-shifting cultural boundary between edible and non-edible plants.


The association aterraterra lab

Aterraterra lab works on seed-saving practices and seed reproduction, having established a small seed bank that preserves arid-resistant, marginal, and neglected vegetable species and varieties. Other research perspectives explore alliances and multispecies relationships, as well as post-agricultural and post-linguistic perspectives.

Aterraterra curates and hosts exhibitions, art and research residencies with local and international artists at aterraterra lab.

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