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Assa Ashuach


Assa is the Course Leader on the MA Design for Industry and a Senior Lecturer in Digital Futures at Central Saint Martins.

Assa is a director at Assa Studio Limited in London and have been at the forefront of exploring the creative potential of additive manufacturing since the early 2000’s, with work exhibited and included in major international galleries and public museum collections.

In his recent research project supported by Kyoto D-Lab at KIT Kyoto Institute of Technology in Japan, he developed, in collaboration with macromolecular and biomaterial scientists, new bio-inspired 3D autonomously generated design methodologies, demonstrating radical additive manufacturing efficiencies for both Industrial design and architecture.

His latest work was awarded Re-FREAM research funding by the EU’s S+T+ARTS program, to develop his vision of a new evolutionary design methodology, whereby embedded user ergonomic and biometric sensor data are used to evolve and improve objects’ functionality and durability over time.

Assa is also a visiting lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture, and the Royal College of Art in London.

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