Policy Fellowships

These are six new Policy Fellowships funded by the Future Observatory programme, commissioned to understand the next stage of sustainability best practice and advise how UK government policy might adapt or support accordingly.  

The research is commissioned, funded and coordinated by Future Observatory at the Design Museum, in partnership with AHRC; and supported by the Department for Digital, Culture Sport and Media (DCMS). 

The six policy fellowships cover a range of cultural sectors, including cultural institutions, architecture, fashion, digital, placemaking and exhibition design.

The research period runs from January to April 2023, and research findings will be compiled in reports submitted to DCMS and published on the Future Observatory website.

This research is supported by the DCMS Science and Analysis R&D Programme, via UKRI. Any primary research, subsequent findings or recommendations do not represent DCMS views or policy and are produced according to academic ethics, quality assurance and independence.

2023 Fellows