Thomas Aquilina

Thomas is a London-based architect and academic invested in building communities of radical thought and progressive practice by working with established and emerging institutions. He works for Adjaye Associates, is co-director of the New Architecture Writers programme and co-founder of the publishing collective Afterparti. He is a design tutor at the London School of Architecture and is an associate lecturer at London Metropolitan University.

Silent and Speaking

In SILENT AND SPEAKING, Thomas Aquilina asks how we can listen more carefully to the ‘silences’ in our urban spaces: the social and environmental injustices that go unheard beneath the louder ‘voices’ of assertive buildings, elegant parks and organised streets.

Over the course of his residency, Thomas has embarked on multiple walks in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, one of the most economically unequal areas in the country. These walks offer opportunities for new and different conversations with the city. Out of these walks and conversations comes a documentary film and a new kind of glossary: a collection of words, images and ideas that speak directly about social injustice and how it is quietly embedded into the places we pass through every day

[Photos by Felix Speller]