James Peplow Powell

James Peplow Powell is an architect and researcher. He is co-founder of the design collective Feral Partnerships and has worked as a specialist in sustainable and ecological design at Gort Scott since 2019. His design and research agendas are focussed on reclaiming more-than-human social, material and design practices in the context of ongoing climate and ecological breakdown. He has a background in architectural practice in London and studied at the University of Cambridge and Royal College of Art.

As Design Researcher in Residence, James will investigate the use and disuse of specific architectures unique to islands such Tinos in Greece or the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The project will consider how each type of architecture emerged from forms of collaboration between humans and other-than-human ecologies. James will use multidisciplinary and participatory design methods to reinvigorate these multispecies practices and imagine more collaborative ways of building in the future.