Our Website

Date: Thursday 27 January 2022

While putting together the programme for Future Observatory’s first year, we have been thinking about the different ways our programme – from symposia to exhibitions to residencies – has an environmental impact and, crucially, how this can be reduced. This Future Observatory website is no exception. 

In developing the site we worked closely with Spin studio to reduce the energy required to run the site and, by extension, the amount of CO2 emitted as a result of using it.  

The site is hosted on krystal.uk and the fonts you are reading through are system fonts, meaning less processing power is required to load them. Where possible we’ve avoided uploading videos to the site, preferring audio and text instead, and most of the images you see have been treated to reduce their file size.

These are small changes to one website in an internet that is growing exponentially, with more people online than ever before and with more energy-intensive uses, such as video streaming, gaming, crypto mining and machine learning. Our aim with this site is to highlight the energy uses associated with the internet and other digital services and, as with other parts of the Future Observatory programme, to share design responses.

To learn more, visit some of our inspirations for the Future Observatory site:  

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